Legacy KRONE Copper Connectivity

This portfolio represents the legacy KRONE products portfolio aimed primarily at solving issues in areas of the public network - from the Central Office and Local Loop to the customer. The famous KRONE module and its related accessories like the KRONE Tool, DDFs, BMFs and IPMs to name a few, have provided reliable connections for generations. The famous IDC contacts used in our legacy KRONE products are angled at 45° to the conductor, unlike other brands, which are at right angles to the cable. The 45° angle gives more contact area (meaning less resistance and greater efficiency in transmitting signals), lower stress points and more vibration resistance, so the connection can stand up to a diverse range of environmental conditions.

In May 2004, ADC acquired The KRONE Group. KRONE’s brand strength in certain regions of the world has driven ADC to adapt and retain the famous KRONE brand and legacy KRONE products portfolio.

ADC offers the same high quality public and private network equipment and professional services that our customers require to deliver communications to their end users with Genuine KRONE Products. ADC feels that providing equipment and services under the KRONE name will enhance how the company serves its customers and conducts business on a global basis.

The KRONE products’ quality is unparalleled and many copy cats tried passing their poor imitation as “krone type” products. Using these duplicate products affects the functionality and quality of your network.

Here is how you can identify a genuine KRONE product KRONE Type is NOT KRONE

You can also identify a Genuine KRONE product with this logo on our product packaging.  

Genuine KRONE products logo 

Legacy KRONE products catalogue

LSA-PLUS® - KRONE Copper Connectivity Solutions

Spec sheets

Product Product Number Size
KRONE Copper Connectivity
2225061-1 2225061-1 68 KB
2225051-1 2225051-1 68 KB
6901 1 256-04 6901 1 256-04 68 KB
KRONE LSA-PLUS Connection Module 6089 2 010-02IN 68 KB
KRONE LSA_PLUS Disconnection Module 6089 2 011-02DIN 76 KB
KRONE LSA_PLUS Earth Module 6089 2 017-07IN 66 KB
KRONE Protection Magazine 2/10 6089 2 023-XXIN 84 KB
KRONE LSA-PLUS Insertion Tool 6089 2 003-00IN 47 KB
Kronnection Box A-30 6902 1 001-42IN 73 KB
Kronnection Box DT PLUS 2 6902 2 602-XXIN 69 KB
KRONE LSA-PLUS Switching Module 6904 2 401-01IN 72 KB
KRONE Single Pair Protection Plug 6905 2 604-01IN 75 KB
KRONE Single Pair Protection Plug for XDSL Line 6905 2 604-08IN 78 KB
KRONE Disconnection Module 2/10 to Screw Terminal 7004 2 001-01IN 81 KB
19" Recessed Subrack with inbuilt BMF for 8/16 E1 Terminations 6901 1 105-23IN 82 KB
19" Recessed Subrack with inbuilt BMF for upto 75E1 Terminations 6901 2 105-48BIN 130 KB
19" Recessed Subrack fitted with BMF for upto 75E1 Terminations 6901 2 105-48IN 92 KB
KRONE Type is NOT KRONE   207 KB



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