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FTTX Solutions

ADC's Carrier Networks solutions are designed to help Carriers and Service Providers meet the challenge of bandwidth-hungry applications head on.

From design to installation, Carrier Networks combines high quality copper and fibre products and services for all areas of the public network - from the Central Office and Local Loop to the customer.

This capability is built on best-of-breed copper and fibre cable and components and unparalleled experience in providing total network solutions to many of the world's leading network operators. Under the Carrier Networks umbrella, ADC has built a total capability to deliver network solutions and provision infrastructures with high integrity design providing built-in network security. In addition, Carrier Networks solutions also integrate seamlessly with our TrueNet range of products ensuring true "End to End" Connectivity.

Legacy KRONE Copper Connectivity Solutions
This portfolio represents the legacy KRONE products portfolio aimed primarily at solving issues in areas of the public network - from the Central Office and Local Loop to the customer. The famous KRONE module and its related accessories like the KRONE Tool, DDFs, BMFs and IPMs to name a few, have provided reliable connections for generations. The famous IDC contacts used in our legacy KRONE products are angled at 45° to the conductor, unlike other brands, which are at right angles to the cable. The 45° angle gives more contact area (meaning less resistance and greater efficiency in transmitting signals), lower stress points and more vibration resistance, so the connection can stand up to a diverse range of environmental conditions.

Copper Connectivity
ADC has consistently presented a range of innovative leading edge connectivity products to the market. We have long been acknowledged as the de facto standard in copper solutions for Global Carriers and continue to set the technology benchmark for connectivity. The high quality connection enables Carriers to upgrade legacy networks to the Broadband delivery requirements of DSL applications and copper termination in emerging 3G Mobile applications.

Fibre Connectivity( Central Office & OSP) solutions
New networks require a new way of thinking. As a global communications network infrastructure provider for decades, ADC connectivity solutions assure smooth integration of new equipment and technologies for the CO and OSP. As optical fibre moves closer to customers, rapid changes are underway in both the central office (CO) and the outside plant (OSP) environment. There are more optical fibre terminations and new electronics to manage in the CO or headend, and additional active electronics are being deployed deeper into the network. As new electronics are added to support high-speed voice, data and video services, ADC’s intelligent infrastructure is essential to future-proof your Central Office & OSP.

The race is on to deploy broadband networks that offer enhanced services and generate new revenue, resulting in significant changes in the outside plant segment of the network. New fibre-to-the-x technologies require a new approach to the outside plant. There is greater need for physical layer access and the network must be designed for future expansion and upgrades. Successful FTTX deployment requires a new approach, a new understanding.

Look to ADC: A proven partner and global network infrastructure solutions leader that delivers real-world expertise and measurable success. ADC's FTTX Infrastructure Solutions are the industry's first platforms designed from the ground up to meet the unique requirements of FTTX networks. By building network infrastructures upon ADC's solutions, service providers nationwide are accelerating deployment and maximizing operational efficiency from the central office to the outside plant.

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