TrueNet Warranty

25 Years: What really matters is the performance of the solution and quality of warranty offered

ADC is mindful of the technological advancements within the Networking gear industry. We assure you that the ADC  structured cabling system is designed to offer a robust life to match the life of your Networking gear.

Not only does our ADC System Warranty deliver an assurance that applications specified in the cabling standards will run on a ADC system, but that the potential bit errors resulting from the structured cabling system will effectively be zero.

System Warranty Requirements: The System Warranty applies only to Products that are: (i) installed by an Authorized Partner, at the location listed on the System Warranty Certificate; (ii) installed in compliance with ADC’s written design, engineering and installation procedures, and the specifications for the Application and the System Specification; (iii) designed, installed, and maintained in compliance with the applicable industry standards as set forth in the System Specification; (iv) not subject to conditions that exceed the individual Product Specification(s); (v) used at the original site of installation; (vi) tested pursuant to industry standards and applicable ADC testing requirements and satisfactorily pass such tests; and (vii) not otherwise expressly excluded or invalidated under the System Warranty Terms and Conditions.

To qualify for a System Warranty, all documents, including the prescribed System test results, must be submitted to ADC for review within sixty (60) days of installation, and registration for the System Warranty must be applied for with ADC within ninety (90) days from the date the installation is complete.

ADC, in its sole judgment, shall determine if the System Warranty Requirements have been met. ADC’s approval of a System Warranty shall be evidenced by a numbered registration System Warranty Certificate issued by ADC. In the event a System Warranty Certificate is issued, and ADC subsequently discovers that any of the System Warranty requirements were not met, then the System Warranty shall be void.

Exclusions from Warranty and Limitations on Liability: The “Exclusions from Warranty” and “Limitations on Liability” in the Limited Product Warranty shall apply to the System Warranty. The occurrence of an Exclusion from Warranty in the Limited Product Warranty shall void the System Warranty. The System Warranty shall also be void if any Product in the Registered System has been (i) removed from the original site of installation, (ii) altered, repaired or disassembled by a non-Authorized Partner, or (iii) exposed to, or has outside materials applied to it, including but not limited to paint, water, chemicals, solutions, cleaning supplies and lubricants (“Contamination”). End-Customer must notify an Authorized Partner or ADC within 24 hours of any Contamination.

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