Become a Authorized Integrator

ADC Communications India Warranties can only be issued by Authorized Integrator businesses, not individuals.

An ADC Authorized Integrator is a company or entity that has agreed to the conditions of the ADC Authorized Integrator Agreement and has received confirmation of their approved Integrator status.

To become recognised as an ADC Authorized Integrator, it is required that your organisation demonstrate a pre-determined level of competency in commercial and technical practices and that a certain level of trained staff are achieved and maintained.

ADC Authorized Integrators have access to a number of benefits.

ADC Certified Integrators

These benefits include:

  • Approval for use of partner specific ADC logos on their website and promotional literature.
  • Approval for reciprocal links on website.
  • Content support for the creation of on-line and printed catalogues.
  • Support for joint promotional activities such as seminars and trade shows or promotional campaigns (subject to ADC approval)
  • Access to ADC corporate merchandising
  • Access to ADC specialist technical pre and postsales support
  • Technical support in the development of tender response packages

Become an ADC Authorized Integrator Today!

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